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The important design secrets that trigger emotions
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Brought to you by Sagi Shrieber

10 years of designing for startups, packed into one actionable course for any entrepreneur to boost conversions and brand awareness off the roof.

Have you ever wanted to make your slides look like a steve jobs presentation?

Ever looked at other designs and knew you have the taste for it but couldn't figure out how we implement it into YOUR own marketing assets?

Always appreciated design but never figured how "they" do that and gave up on even trying to understand?

Sagi is a skilled designer and a true master of his craft. He’s creative, fast, and simply ON FIRE! 

John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire

Who is this course for?

This Course is Perfect for...

Digital Creators & Solopreneurs​

Small Business Owners​

Marketing Designers​

Sagi, what's inside?

Recorded video lessons
Crazy bonus lessons

In the group I occasionally go to live for updates, go over course members’  LPs and products, and you’ll be able to network with other entrepreneurs that are boosting their brand and sales. In the group you will also get answers to your questions from me and my team.

What knowledge will you acquire in this course?


The actual impact of design and introduction to emotion-oriented design thinking

What makes for a good design and why? The 2 things that design actually creates, understanding emotion-oriented design.

How to get the maximum results from this course 

Current and past trends in digital design (and why nothing is new under the sun)



Grid - the invisible framework that will help you layout any graphic assets needed

The power of Grid: we’ll talk about what a grid actually is, go over some commonly used terms, and communicate the significance of grid in our designs.

Practical tips for your grid system: what are the advantages of having a grid in our brand assets and marketing materials?

The rule of 4s: The secret design framework used by silicon valley designers to design any interface in no time




Typography: How to lay out text to create impact and increase readability

In this part we will talk about what typography does for the better, line up on typographic concepts, talk about what typography design interfaces and things to consider in typography screens including rules of thumb to help you avoid “amateurs.”

We’ll talk about choosing fonts for a new project, and where people fall in typography when designing for mobile or web.



Composition - the secret to creating emotional triggers

In this section we will go through the basic rules of composition that will help you in any design, we will discover the biggest secret of composition that will make your design life split in two.

We’ll talk about the unwritten rules and recommendations that will make your designs go up forever, and the effect of compositions that we can not do in Print – move them!



Contrast - how to maximize impact

In this section we will talk about contrast and the connection between music and design.

We’ll talk about techniques to use them to create contrast in interfaces that will raise the level of aesthetics in our designs and encourage user actions.



Colors - The surprising choice that can make all the difference

In this section we will talk about what to do and not to do when choosing colors.

We’ll talk about the emotion every color conveys to us and what to watch out for, and review the unwritten rules of using color in digital interfaces.


But wait, Theres more! Extra Bonuses coming out by April 15th

Let's get you armed with the weapons of the pros


🚀 Bonus #1 - How to build & design beautiful wordpress websites and landing pages, without any coding?

Sagi Shrieber

How I use Elementor to design all my landing pages and websites


🌄 Bonus #2 - Resources to access thousands of free royalty free images

Sagi shrieber

In this section you will get a list of free tools and resources to get all the media material you will need for your design assets, if it’s free images, icons and so on.


Bonus #3 - The exact tool I use to cut the image from it's background


In this section we will talk about the tool I’m using for images processing and design.


📐 Bonus #4 - The actual tools used by sillicon Valley designers - and how you can use them too


In this part we will talk about the hottest tools on the market, which all the best designers on the market are using, and how you can apply this knowledge on your design assets.

Yes, all that. Yes, in one online course, which you will have access to forever.

So is there any 'about' section here?

Yes! Hey, I'm Sagi!

I am a designer, entrepreneur, and founder of the design magazines & Podcasts Pixel Perfect (in Israel) and Hacking UI (International). I’m also the founder of Mindful & Ruthless, a new show for entrepreneurs.

A Shenkar graduate with 10 years in the industry, 6 of which is deep within the design of digital products for stereotypes of different sizes and roles. I was co-founder of three companies, one of which was bought by SimilarWeb, where I ran all the design operations of the company as director of design and user experience.

Some of the companies I’ve worked with / including: Fiverr, eBay, SimilarWeb and more.

I am the founder of the advanced digital product design course at 6B, accompanied by designers in private, and also a start-up mentor on Google Launchpad.

As A Designer I've worked with top brands like:

And as an entrepreneur I've built communities:


Yes, the entire course is online, in video format

Yes, the whole course is made up of recorded lessons that I record specifically for the course. You will have access to a special site with a username and password where all videos, exercises, and bonus materials will be located

Yes! In case of cancellation of the course up to two weeks from the date of purchase – will be given a full refund !

Landing pages, Social media Banners, Websites and all what is necessary for online marketing.

No, this course will certainly arm you with new tools and ideas for tools to use, but it’s also super practical with your everyday page builder/tool of you choice

I don’t do the design myself?
First – any purchase of this course allows you to share it with your team. Share it with them so you will develop a common language and improve your communication to create better converting assets

YES! Absolutely. I got phone calls from DESIGNERS with over 6 years of experience in the market telling me this totally changed the way they work on ANY design.

Yes, of course! For this we created an exclusive Facebook only for students of the course. you can access it from here.

Any more questions? Promise to get back to you within 24 hours!

And just remember - people DO judge a book by its cover

Make sure to invest in yours